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Magdalena Scheijgrond & Kimberly Smith HappySpiritDays 2022

”Discover the healing powers of CBD”

Magdalena Scheijgrond & Kimberly Smith

The founders of ebb + flow understand the combined importance and challenge to maintain balance in each person’s everyday wellness. Magda and Kim are business women, mothers, and involved in sports and absolutely understand feelings of stress, being pulled in many directions, sleepless nights and wanting to prioritize health. Based on their scientific and health backgrounds, they know that CBD is an amazing product and a great supplement to boost one’s wellness.
They created a premium CBD product line that is accessible to men and women to empower them in their wellness routines – giving you your Freedom to be the best version of yourself. Magda and Kim both found first hand that it was hard to access a top-quality CBD product with confidence and there was a huge gap in knowledge about CBD.

Workshops CBD

Have you heard of CBD? Have you ever tried it? Maybe you are already a fan for its benefits in relief for stress, better sleep, sports recovery and aches, discomforts. Many people love CBD to sleep better, calm their minds during a busy day at work or before their favorite yoga flow or meditation. Come join Magda and Kim at the interactive workshops (in English) to learn more about CBD, how it works, why and how to use it. Sign up for a personalised CBD session where all your individual questions can be answered.

• Vrijdag 10 juni 2022 – the truth about CBD
• Tijd: 16:15 – 17:15
• Locatie: praathuis / The Optimist Podium

• Zaterdag 11 juni 2022 – how to use CBD to boost your wellness
• Tijd: 19:15 – 20:15
• Locatie: praathuis / The Optimist Podium

• Zondag 12 juni 2022 – history of CBD and how it’s used today
• Tijd: 11:45 – 12.45
• Locatie: praathuis / The Optimist Podium

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